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We have re-opened the clinic fully, without restrictions.   If you are uncomfortable coming inside the clinic, just let us know as we will always honor curbside service.


Welcome to Boyd's Creek Animal Hospital!


Boyd's Creek Animal Hospital is dedicated to our patients, whose loving, unique, and engaging personalities enrich our lives, touch our hearts, and constantly inspire  us.



Boyd's Creek Animal Hospital is dedicated to our patients, whose loving, unique, and engaging personalities enrich our lives, touch our hearts, and constantly inspire us.

At Boyd's Creek Animal Hospital, we love what we do - and it shows! We believe that taking care of your beloved pets is our calling in life.  We want to offer you and your pet the care and compassion you both deserve.  We strive each day to strengthen our commitment to helping animals in need and to renew our promise to exceed expectations in animal care and in our hospital facilities.

We strive each day to strengthen our commitment to helping animals in need and to renew our promise to exceed expectations in animal care and in our hospital facilities.

AAHA Certified!


Our hospital is certified by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)!  We are Sevier County's first AAHA Hospital and 1 of only 7 veterinary hospitals within a 50 mile radius to have received this certification.  Please visit our AAHA page for more information about our hospitals recognition.

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CHECK OUT OUR NEW DOG BOARDING AREA!!  Runs are sized small, medium and large/xl.  Your fur-baby will have privacy, space and views around the room.  Indoor play area on bad weather days adds to the ambiance we strive to provide.

We are so happy to announce that we have finished our state of the art runs.  Your fur-baby will be warm, protected and happy in its surroundings while away from home.  Stay tuned for even more news about the boarding area coming in the near future.


By buying your preventions from your local veterinarian (that's us!), you are protected by the manufacturer?  That's right.  If you consistently purchase and administer preventions purchased through us (Flea/Tick and Heartworm) and your pet becomes ill with a parasite, the manufacturer will pay for treatment.  This guarantee cannot be made by manufacturer to big box pet stores.  So, stay protected and buy from your local vet!!

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  • Services - See what we have to offer you and your pet
  • Forms - Download forms to complete before your visit 
  • Rapid Rx Refill - Reorder your pet's medication online!
  • Our Mission - What we believe, and why we are here
  • Pet Library - over 2,500 handouts on pet health topics 



We're excited to announce our partnership with VitusVet, the best-rated app that digitally connects pet parents and their care providers to improve the health and safety of pets. As part of our partnership we're introducing an integration between our practice management solution and VitusVet’s app. The integration allows pet parents to schedule appointments, purchase refills, review reminders and confirmations, and view their pets’ medical history based on information from Vetter Software. Please scroll to the bottom of this page, or any page of our Website to download the App, request an appointment or request a prescription refill.


If you are quarantined or self-isolating or just want the convenience of your pet's prescription foods sent directly to your door, Boyd's Creek Animal Hospital and Purina have teamed up to offer you door service.  Please click on the this link to be taken to the order site:  https://www.proplanvetdirect.com/customer/account/create/?to=clinic&clinic-id+FPTU1






The dog days of summer are behind us and the beautiful wonders, sights and smells of fall are here!  As the weather starts to cool off and the leaves on the trees change to their spectacular colors, there is an abundance of fall activities.  There are lots of fun fall activities both cats and dogs can enjoy and it will make the season more festive.

And, fall is a great time for pet parents to start thinking about pet exercise and enrichment.  Fall brings cooler temperatures and human lives get busier with school, holidays and such, our pets might not get out as much as they did in the spring and summer seasons.  Did you know that the shorter days and the cooler temperatures can even cause mood changes in your pets similar to human seasonal affective disorder?  All the more reasons to make sure to involve your pet in some fall activities to keep them happy, entertained, healthy and well-loved this fall.

Here are just a few ideas:

1.  ENJOY THE BRISK WEATHER WITH A HIKE:  Take your dog (or cat) along on a hike or brisk walk to enjoy the beautiful fall scenery.  This is good to make sure your pet is getting exercise as the temperature drops and give them extra enrichment with new sights, sounds and smells.

2.  MAKE BACKYARD CHORES FUN:  I know, raking leaves does not usually rate high on the fun meter, but it could turn out to be super fun for your furry companion.  So, rake up a small pile-free from rocks and sticks so they do not get injured-and encourage your pet to dive in!

3.  DRESS UP FOR HALLOWEEN:  People aren't the only ones who can dress up for Halloween!  Pet costumes are also adorable and tons of fun.  Get creative and put together a costume for your furry friend.  Check to see if there are any parades, costume contests or trick or treating for pets in your area.

4.  VISIT A FARMERS' MARKET:  Find a pet friendly local farmers' market and take your four legged friends to enjoy the crisp Autumn air and for the change of scenery.  You are likely to find delicious treats for humans and pets!

5. MAKE A FESTIVE FALL PET TREAT:  Lots of our fall favorite foods such as pumpkin, sweet potatoes, berries and apples, to name a few, are also safe for our pets to eat.  Treat your cat or dog to a yummy fall snack using a pet friendly recipe.  Just be sure to calculate these treats into your pet's daily calorie count and double check with your veterinarian if you are unsure of whether pets can eat a particular food safely.

6.  SNUGGLE UP AT HOME:  Sometimes one of the best fall activities to do with your pets is not active or outside.  It is calm and indoors!  As the seasons change, give yourself time to relax and unwind.  One of the best ways to do that is to snuggle up with your furry friend and make them feel loved too.  Maybe curl up with a blanket, some apple cider and a spooky movie and enjoy some chill time with your family and your pets.

Fall provides endless opportunities to have fun with your pets.  But also please pay attention to your pet's health needs, too.  Keep a watchful eye out for fall dangers-here are some to be mindful of:

1.  Rodenticides and other cold weather poisons-such as anti-freeze and mothballs

2.  Mushrooms, acorns, blue-green algae, etc.

3.   Ragweed, pollen and mold, dust-fall seasonal allergies

4.  Fleas and ticks-it is a myth that fall and winter bring relief from these parasites

These are just some of the hazards that the fall season brings to your beloved pets.  By combining fall activities with wellness, you and your pet are sure to have a fantastic season!




Hey there!  How's your day going?  I'm Luke and I just wanna say if you're havin' a bad day, come look at my pic.  I will cheer you right up!!

Upcoming Local Events and Pet Health Awareness Events

October Awareness Month:

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Black Cat Awareness Month

National Animal Safety and Protection Month

National Pet Wellness Month

National Pit Bull Awareness Month

World Animal Month

October Awareness Weeks:

October 2-8:  National Walk Your Dog Week

October 2-8:  Animal Welfare Week

October 16-22:  National Veterinary Tech Week

October 18-24:  National Wolf Awareness Week

Holidays and Awareness Days:

October 1:  National Fire Pup Day

October 1:   National Black Dog Day

October 2:  Poodle Day

October 4:  World Animal Day

October 4:  Kindness to Animals Day

October 9:  CATober 9th

October 10:  World Animal Road Accident Awareness Day

October 12:  National Pet Obesity Awareness Day

October 14:  Vet Nurse Day

October 15:  National Pug Day

October 15:  National Fetch Day

October 16:  Global Cat Day

October 21:  National Pets for Veterans Day

October 22:  National Make a Dog's Day

October 27:  National Black Cat Day

October 29:  National Cat Day

October 30:  National Treat Your Pet Day




We are offering  SPA DAY specials.


Your pet will be treated to therapeutic shampoos and creme rinses, brushing, combing out, furminator treatment, nail trimming and filing.  We can also do a shave down and express anal glands.  Call for an appointment to pamper your furry friend.  Mention you saw this on our Website and get $5.00 off!


 We continually update our webpage, so stop by often to see what's new.