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We are doing everything we can to keep the clinic open during the resurgence of COVID.  Please help us to do just that by calling when you arrive.  We can allow two separate clients and their pet in the building at one time.  


If you are picking up food or medication please follow the same protocol.

If we ask you to step out, please do so for your safety and ours.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Welcome to Boyd's Creek Animal Hospital!


Boyd's Creek Animal Hospital is dedicated to our patients, whose loving, unique, and engaging personalities enrich our lives, touch our hearts, and constantly inspire  us.



Boyd's Creek Animal Hospital is dedicated to our patients, whose loving, unique, and engaging personalities enrich our lives, touch our hearts, and constantly inspire us.

At Boyd's Creek Animal Hospital, we love what we do - and it shows! We believe that taking care of your beloved pets is our calling in life.  We want to offer you and your pet the care and compassion you both deserve.  We strive each day to strengthen our commitment to helping animals in need and to renew our promise to exceed expectations in animal care and in our hospital facilities.

We strive each day to strengthen our commitment to helping animals in need and to renew our promise to exceed expectations in animal care and in our hospital facilities.

AAHA Certified!


Our hospital is certified by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)!  We are Sevier County's first AAHA Hospital and 1 of only 7 veterinary hospitals within a 50 mile radius to have received this certification.  Please visit our AAHA page for more information about our hospitals recognition.

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We are so happy to announce that we are able to re-open our clinic doors.  

How the process will work:

We will allow two (2) clients in the clinic lobby at one time.  You must wear a mask while interacting with staff members.  We ask that you practice social distancing--please stay 6 feet apart while inside the clinic.   Call when you arrive so that we can direct you to come inside or wait until a spot is open.  Tech appointments will continue to be conducted curbside.  If your pet is scheduled for a tech appointment, please remain in your vehicle.

Curbside services:

For those that are not comfortable entering the clinic, we fully understand.  That is why we will continue to offer curbside services.  Just let us know when you call to schedule your appointment that you request curbside.

While You're Here, Don't Miss:


  • Services - See what we have to offer you and your pet
  • Forms - Download forms to complete before your visit 
  • Rapid Rx Refill - Reorder your pet's medication online!
  • Our Mission - What we believe, and why we are here
  • Pet Library - over 2,500 handouts on pet health topics 



We're excited to announce our partnership with VitusVet, the best-rated app that digitally connects pet parents and their care providers to improve the health and safety of pets. As part of our partnership we're introducing an integration between our practice management solution and VitusVet’s app. The integration allows pet parents to schedule appointments, purchase refills, review reminders and confirmations, and view their pets’ medical history based on information from Vetter Software. Please scroll to the bottom of this page, or any page of our Website to download the App, request an appointment or request a prescription refill.


If you are quarantined or self-isolating or just want the convenience of your pet's prescription foods sent directly to your door, Boyd's Creek Animal Hospital and Purina have teamed up to offer you door service.  Please click on the this link to be taken to the order site:  https://www.proplanvetdirect.com/customer/account/create/?to=clinic&clinic-id+FPTU1





It's the time of year when the scent of pumpkin spice wafts through the air and dogs are wanting to roll in piles of crispy leaves.  It's also a great time to protect the safety and well-being of your pet from potential seasonal dangers.  Here are some items that should be on your radar:

NO TRICKS, NO TREATS -- It's best to keep your cat or dog on their regular diet during the holidays.  keep Halloween candy and Thanksgiving foods out of their reach.  Chocolate and candy with Xylitol, like sugar-free gum, will make your pet sick.  Check with us, your veterinarian who knows your pet, if a little turkey is a safe snack.  Halloween is the start of the "season" for chocolate-related illnesses, most commonly chocolate toxicity.  There is a 71% increase in chocolate toxicity during Halloween compared to the previous six months of the year.  On average, chocolate-related health issues are expensive to treat.  Both cats and dogs are at risk for chocolate poisoning, but there are more reported cases of dogs since they will typically eat anything.

DOGS GET THE FLU TOO!  Canine flu and bordetella, or "kennel cough" are both airborne diseases.  If you see a dog that is coughing, keep your own dog away and avoid touching the ill dog.  If your dog develops a cough or high fever, contact us, your veterinarian, immediately.  Kennel cough is highly contagious and can cause a variety of symptoms ranging from dry cough for a couple of days, to fever, anorexia, severe pneumonia, and death.  Keep your dog away from other dogs when coughing for at least a week after you hear the last cough.

HOLIDAY STRESS ISN'T JUST FOR HUMANS -- Lots of unfamiliar faces and loud talking and laughter can stress your pet out.  Exercise your dog beforehand and give them a special chew toy to keep them distracted.  If they still seem stressed, put them in a quiet room away from all of the commotion.  Be sure cats have access to a quiet room where they will probably hide all on their own.

KEEP PESTS OUT --  As the weather turns cooler in fall, rats and mice may decide that your house would be a great place to stay warm and dry.  Be mindful of how you prevent these pests from entering your home.  To keep them out, close up any entry holes and choose anti-rodent products that are nontoxic.  Rodenticides are extremely toxic to dogs and cats, so it is best to discuss a safe control plan with a professional exterminator and us, your veterinarian.

BACK-TO-SCHOOL SUPPLIES --  Now that kids are back in school, make sure you keep items like pencils, markers, and glue sticks out of your pet's reach.  If they decide the new school supplies would make great snacks, they might get gastrointestinal upset or blockages.  Cats are more likely to bite the edges of notebooks and paper.  Foreign body ingestion tops the list for both puppies and kittens, and it can be very costly to correct.

SNAKES!  Snakes get grumpy as they are preparing to hibernate, and don't take kindly to being disturbed by curious cats or dogs.  To protect your pets from venomous snake bites, know which snakes are poisonous and where they usually hibernate.  Walk your dog or cat on a leash away from those areas.  If your pet does get bitten, go to us, your veterinarian immediately.

MUSHROOMS --  Keep your pets from eating mushrooms that pop up on lawns, under trees, in fields and on logs.  While some won't make your pet sick, a few are deadly.  If your pet accidentally eats one, especially if they seem to have a reaction to it, or you know the mushroom is toxic, go to us, your veterinarian as soon as possible.  

CAR COOLANTS --  Fall is a great time to change your car's engine coolant, but be careful because most coolants are highly toxic to pets.  Clean up any spills immediately, keep any remaining new coolant out of reach and dispose of used coolant.  Also, consider switching to a propylene glycol based coolant -- while not completely nontoxic, it is significantly less toxic than other engine coolants.

ALLERGIES -- Just like people who have seasonal allergies, your cat or dog may also react to pollen, dust, or other allergens.  Pet allergy symptoms can be similar to ours -- sneezing or coughing, runny nose, itchy skin, ear infection, and itchy, red or watery eyes.  If you think your pet might be suffering from allergies, call us, your veterinarian to discuss testing and treatment plans best suited for your pet's needs.


English Bulldog, French Bulldog, West Highland White Terrier, American Bulldog, Basset Hound, Rhodesian Ridgeback, American Pit Bull Terrier, Shiba Inu, Bichon Frise, Boston Terrier, Miniture Poodle, Yorkipoo.




General Neyland here to welcome you to Big Orange Country!  I'm trying to get my game face on, but I am just too cute.

Upcoming Local Events and Pet Health Awareness Events

October is:     Adopt a Dog Month!

                       Adopt a Shelter Dog Month!

                       National Animal Safety and Protection Month

                       National Pet Wellness Month

                       National Pit Bull Awareness Month


Oct  1-7         National Walk Your Dog Week; Animal Welfare Week

Oct  17-23     National Veterinary Technician Week!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 1             National Fire Pup Day; Black Dog Day; Raccoon App. Day

Oct 4             World Animal Day; World Pet Day

Oct 13           Pet Obesity Awareness Day

Oct 16           National Feral Cat Day

Oct 17           National Play Fetch Day

Oct 21           National Pets for Veterans Day; Reptile Awareness Day

Oct 27           National Black Cat Day

Oct 29           National Cat Day



We are offering  SPA DAY specials.


Your pet will be treated to therapeutic shampoos and creme rinses, brushing, combing out, furminator treatment, nail trimming and filing.  We can also do a shave down and express anal glands.  Call for an appointment to pamper your furry friend.  Mention you saw this on our Website and get $5.00 off!


 We continually update our webpage, so stop by often to see what's new.