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While we don't offer breed-specific grooming at Boyds Creek Animal Hospital, there is plenty going on at our pet spa! We offer cleansing, flea control, and medicated baths/dips/cream rinses, blow drying, and comb-outs. Grooming services can scheduled Mon. through Fridays.  We ask for an early drop-off, before 8:30, and plan for a late afternoon pick-up, to allow for plenty of drying and combing time, and to allow for emergencies that could delay the procedures.

Mats can be combed or shaved out, if needed.  (We don't do breed specific clips.)  Summer shave downs are very popular!  Toenail trimming, with a final dremeling to smooth rough edges, provides pooch pedicures (without the nail polish!). Ears big and little can be carefully cleaned, with excess hair plucked.  Those pesky scent glands (anal sacs) can be gently emptied, if overfull, by our trained staff.  We also offer a teeth brushing package with the spa day!  

dog with suds


fluffy dog

Pets scheduled in for grooming or bathing need to be current on their vaccines, annual exams, and stool checks.  We don't want to take chances on transmitting infections to other pets here in the hospital, or to yours!  Currently dogs need their vaccines for Distemper, Rabies, and Bordetella, and to be tested for fecal parasites within the last year. Cats need to up to date on Distemper and Rabies, and to be tested for fecal parasites within the last year. Remember, many of our vaccines can be administered as 3-year vaccinations after their second annual booster with us.

Exotic pets must have an annual exam at least once yearly to schedule these procedures.  There is always some stress to grooming, and the doctor's need to know the pets are healthy before proceeding. Many animals hide signs of illness until they are critical, so even an observant owner wouldn't necessarily know their pet was sick. At Boyds Creek Animal Hospital, we always put your pet's health first, so we have created these policies.


*We do not treat birds or primates*