Boyd's Creek Animal Hospital

11653 Chapman Highway
Seymour, TN 37865

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Boyd's Creek Animal Hospital is a full service animal hospital.  We have a state-of-the-art facility that is staffed with an exceptional and devoted veterinary medical team.  Our staff members are highly skilled, compassionate, and have many years of experience in treating animals of all shapes and sizes.

At our hospital, we emphasize WELLNESS.  We believe that multiple factors such as nutrition, dental care, disease prevention, and behavioral training contribute to animal health and well-being. Our hospital provides a diverse range of services and products.  Feel free to contact us for more information about any of our services.


EVENING HOURS:  Call for more info.

WELLNESS EXAMS with PET REPORT CARDS:  We offer 1/2 hour office visits, rather than standard 15 minute appointments, in order to thoroughly examine your pet and allow time to discuss numerous health topics.

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INSTANT TELEMEDICINE ACCESS TO OVER 100 BOARD CERTIFIED VETERINARY SPECIALISTS:  We all want the same thing... what's best for your pet.  To ensure that your pet is receiving the best possible care, we have invested in special technology that allows us to consult INSTANTLY with veterinary specialists about difficult cases.  X-rays, cytology samples, blood work, ECG's, photographs, and ultrasound can be transmitted instantly over the internet for evaluation.

PERSONALIZED VACCINATION PROTOCOLS FOR YOUR PET:  Following the latest standards from AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) and ABFP (American Board of Feline Practitioners), we will develop a plan unique for your pet's needs that will ensure full protection while minimizing the frequency of boosters.  In addition, we utilize the safest vaccines available, many of which that have Health Guarantees for up to 3 years.

IN HOUSE DIAGNOSTIC LABORATORY:  Provides convenience for routine testing and saves critical time for sick patients.  Our in-house lab allows us to test Blood Chemistries, Electrolytes, Complete Blood Counts (CBC's), Urinalysis, Parasite Evaluations, Heartworm, Lyme Disease, and Erlichiosis Testing, Parvovirus Testing, FELV/FIV, Antifreeze, and many other tests immediately on site.

GERIATRIC PET CARE:  Aging pets have special problems such as dental disease, arthritis, behavioral changes, and other age-related illnesses.  They are especially susceptible to parasitism, infection, and cancer.  We can address and treat a variety of illnesses as well as offer suggestions on how to prevent problems before they begin.  We recommend twice-yearly visits for all pets over 7 years of age.

HOME HOSPICE PROGRAMS:  We want to make difficult times easy and comfortable for you and your pet as possible.  We offer house calls by doctors and staff to help minimize trips to our hospital.

X-RAY:  We have a digital radiology unit which allows us to take images quickly and efficiently.  And, they are ready for viewing within seconds.

ULTRASOUND:  A necessity for today's veterinarian.  We use out ultrasound daily to image internal organs and diagnose disease.  We regularly perform Ultrasound Guided Percutanous Biopsies, which greatly reduces the need for invasive surgical procedures to obtain biopsy samples.


HOSPITALIZATION:  We provide hospitalization for sick patients and for patients needing surgical and medical treatment.  The center of our hospital is a large treatment area where animals needing special care, such as observation, intravenous fluid, medication, and surgical recovery are kept.  Additionally, we have constructed a specially-designed Isolation Facility, with one-way air flow, where we hospitalize pets that may be contagious to our other patients.

HEALTH CERTIFICATES:  We provide proper documentations and Health Certificates for airline travel both in and out of the country. 

FULL PHARMACY:  We stock a large inventory of medications, including antibiotics, flea preventatives, and heartworm preventatives, so that we can conveniently dispense prescriptions for your pet before you leave the hospital.  We also offer rapid prescription refills and medication reminders.  In addition, we maintain a large supply of emergency medications so that we are prepared in the unfortunate event that your pet should need emergency care.

SURGERY:  We have an exceptional surgical preparation area and operating room.  Utilizing the latest surgical techniques and instruments, we perform a wide variety of elective and soft tissue surgeries.  We also offer many advanced orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries surgeries in-house through the Advanced Mobile Veterinary Surgery.  So, our patients stay under the care of our caring, trained staff after their procedure.

ANESTHETIC MONITORING:  We monitor Blood Pulse Oximetry, Respiration, Blood Pressure, ECG, and Body Temperature, and utilize our talented Licensed Veterinary Technicians for surgical monitoring, to ensure all procedures are ASAP (As Safe As Possible).


DENTAL CARE:  80% of all pets over the age of two have some form of periodontal disease!  We are especially equipped to x-ray, ultrasonically clean, polish, treat, and repair your pet's teeth and gums to optimize your pet's oral health.

BEHAVIORAL CONSULTATION:  Behavioral problems are cited as the #1 reason why pets are surrendered to animal shelters each year.  Many of these unacceptable behaviors can be prevented or corrected!  Our staff is happy to discuss any behavioral concerns with you.

BOARDING FACILITIES:  Featuring "Kitty Condos" and the "Dog House."  Cats and dogs board separately.  All animals are supervised by a veterinarian and given loving care each and every day.

VIP BOARDING:  Enrich your pet's time here with options such as therapeutic baths, daily brushing, massage, and play sessions.

BATHING:  A day at the spa!  We offer therapeutic shampoos and cream rinses, brushing, combing out, furminator treatment and nail trimming and filing.